Making a Difference

 IOLTA Money In Action

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) funds make up a significant proportion of all funding for civil legal services and support improvements in the administration of justice. The low-income residents of Massachusetts who depend on IOLTA-funded legal assistance have pressing non-criminal legal needs that can sometimes affect safety or survival itself. Examples include:

IOLTA helps legal services programs make tangible and positive differences in the lives of families and individuals living in poverty.

As important as the IOLTA program is to its many thousands of beneficiaries, it would not be possible without the participation and support of Massachusetts financial institutions. Over 200 banking institutions maintained an average of 14,000 IOLTA accounts across the state this year. Massachusetts banking institutions continue to be important partners with lawyers and law firms in making the IOLTA program a success. The IOLTA Committee would like to once again thank the participating Massachusetts financial institutions and in particular this year’s Leadership banks.